Wednesday, January 25, 2006

About animal fats

I've been researching diet guidelines for clearing up skin conditions, and have come across Ayurvedic recommendations that actually support what my naturopath has also been telling me. Basically, skin conditions arise from your liver not functioning properly (Ayurveda says it's the kidneys as well and that conditions like psoriasis are a metabolic issue). These organs get congested by animals fats, from fatty meats, butter, and even eggs (egg yolks are high in fat).

Health-wise, we already know that animal fats are saturated fats by nature, and that they're not good for us. From a vegan perspective, animal by-products (ie. yogurt) are less harmful than animal grease (ie. bacon), however, all toxins and antibiotics used in the production of dairy and eggs are highly concentrated in these products. So in every way it seems we're much better off without animal products or by-products. To say nothing of how happy cows and chickens would be.

Interestingly, drinking detox juice to boost your immune system also works to cleanse the liver and kidneys. So everything seems to be connected: the health of your liver and kidneys, the strength of your immune system, and the health of your skin! Very cool. We can look to our skin as a mirror of our inner health.

In terms of skin conditions, different doshas tend to suffer different ailments. Vatas suffer dry, itchy, cracked skin; Pittas tend to experience acne and angry-looking skin inflamations; and Pittas have oily, shiny skin and can get pussy eruptions.

In a juicer, juice 1 beet, 2 large carrots, a handful of parsley, and a 1-inch piece of ginger. Dilute with a bit of filtered water and add the juice of 1/4 lemon. For extra fiber and to help in a slower assimilation of the natural sugars, you can stir in a spoonful of the pulp back into the juice.

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