Saturday, July 01, 2006

Organic food

I believe organic food (and fibers, clothing, etc) is the healthiest choice to avoid supplying additional hormones, drugs and pesticides into our bodies and the environment. It's completely and absolutely logical, and keeps production down to small- and mid-scale farms avoiding massive industrialization of life (plants and animals). I've heard of people and "scientists" who doubt there is any value to organics but they're just totally whack -- follow your heart! What feels right?! GMOs, intensive animal farming, mono crops, polluted water systems? You'd have to be completely out of touch with your self and the spirit of life to believe so.

My only beef is the prohibitively high cost of buying organic goods, through no fault of the producers themselves. This simply reflects the "true cost" of producing healthy food, compared to the artificially low cost of mass-production of industrial farming. I'm not sure what can be done about this, which is why it's still a point of contention for me. I'm on a tight budget and can't really afford $5 for a few healthy strawberries. But what I do choose always is organic dairy, since milk fat contains the highest concentration of hormones and pesticides, and these are astronomically high in non-organics. This goes for butter and cheeses, too. (If only I could find a wheel of organic wine-dipped goat havarti!)

In the spirit of promoting organic consciousness I'm adding a group of links to this blog to various organizations on the subject.

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