Saturday, January 14, 2006

What is your mind/body constitution?


Time to figure out your dosha! You can do this test above or try the online quiz at What's Your Dosha, Baby? For an indepth look at the doshas, go to the AyurBalance website.

Keeping score on paper, read through the characteristics listed in the chart, and pick one characteristic from each column per row. Make your way down the rows and tally up all your Vata, Pitta and Kapha characteristics. Whichever scores highest is your predominant dosha, the one you need to balance, through food, activity, breathing and meditation.

If out of the 30 points you have 2 doshas that are high (ie. 15 Vata, 11 Pitta, 4 Kapha), then you have 2 predominant doshas (ie. you are Vata-Pitta) and should keep both in mind but work more on the highest one (ie. Vata). If one dosha way outscores the other, you are purely that dosha.

Have fun and post a comment if you have any questions! If you figure out your dosha then a lot of the future posts will make more sense and be more rewarding!!


j. said...

Dear Claudia!
First of all, great blog! I love that Michael got you into it.

The info: I am Vata-centric. Through your chart I am Vata - 16, Pitta - 8, Kapha - 6.
Through Dosha, baby my body is V-7, P-3, K-2 and my mind is 4's straight down. Nice to know I have a balanced mind...

Can't wait to find out what any of that means!


Claudia Davila (Fran) said...

Hey, j!

I'm so excited that you came to my blog and furthermore checked out your dosha! It sounds like you're a straight-up Vata... and speaking of what that means, how about I dedicate my next post to describe what that's all about...

Fran ; )

Rahab Jaleh Darien Bogdarama said...

hmm, this was interesting. I kind of knew that Pitta was my style ;) but would have never guessed that it went so crazy :D

shula said...

Dear Fran,

Where have you been all my life?


Anonymous said...

good site
whats your view about manas doshas and constitution (prakruti0

Anonymous said...

whats your view about manas doshas and mind constitutions (prakruti)
vaidya pardeep

Anonymous said...

I got K13, V9 and P8
Is it normal to have them all so close?

Claudia Davila (Fran) said...

K13, V9 and P8 sounds good to me :-) Sounds like you're mostly balanced with a predominantly Kapha constitution. Hope this helps!

Unknown said...

I'm not sure which category to put for Immune Function, Disease Tendency (I don't get sick much) or Disease Type..... any explanation would help me. So far I am coming out quite Vata (12 so far), P - 4 and K - 8.
Grazie e ciao

Claudia Davila (Fran) said...

Hi Sandra!

For Immune Function, pick Vata if you get colds a lot or are in good health sometimes and then suddenly in poor health; pick Pitta if you don't particularly get sick too often or feel worse in heat; pick Kapha if you never get sick and have consistently good health.

For Disease Type, pick Vata if your illnesses take the form of pain (headaches, joint pain); Pitta if you get feverish or swollen limbs when you're ill; Kapha if you have much mucous or congestion in your lungs or sinuses when you're sick.

For Disease Type, Vatas get nervous disorders like stress, insomnia, epilepsy; Pittas get jaundice, anemia, experience excessive thirst, as liver imbalances; and Kaphas are generally mucousy and have lung problems.

Hope this helps you finish your chart! :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you! I'll finish up now and will be back to your web site again and again.

Lynne said...

Hi Fran,
I am a k-17,v-10,p-2.
What diet should I follow.
I am confused.
Thanks Lynne.

Claudia said...

Hi Lynne,

That's exciting, you're predominantly Kapha with a splash of Vata! It's different for everybody but this might mean that you tend to be cold rather than hot (therefore eat heating foods), tend to be moist and heavy rather than dry and light (therefore have light and drying foods), and tend to be low energy (therefore do energy-raising activities like dancing and swimming). When following recipes or choosing foods, go with recommendations for Kaphas. Hope this helps!

Christine said...

I did the "What's your Dosha Baby?" Quiz, but it doesn't explain the results, but rather tells you to buy the book to find out. My Body was V6, P3, K3, and my mind was V6, P4, K2. What does that mean for me?


Claudia Davila (Fran) said...

Hi Christine!

Sounds like you are predominantly Vata. That means that "Air" is the element that governs your body and mind. Air is cool, dry, and in motion, so to feel in balance you need things that are warm, moist, and still. Foods to balance you would have these qualities (follow recipes on this blog that balance Vata). For example, instead of having cold cereal for breakfast, you'd do better with cooked cereal. Instead of a raw salad for lunch, eat vegetables cooked with nice spices. Etc.

For your mind, stilling and calming activities are good like meditation, listening to music, whatever is not aggravating. Exercises also should be not aggravating, so long walks are better than running, swimming is better than aerobics, that sort of thing.

Hope this helps!

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Olympia B said...

Hi Claudia, thanks for the lovely blog, it's a treasure for us starting in Ayuveda. I took the tests and got confused. In your test I score V: 13, P:9, K:8. In what's your dosha quiz I score a total of V:13, P:4, K:8 so the imbalance is great. Could you please help? What kind of diet should I follow?

Thank you in advance,


Claudia said...

Hi Olympia B, thanks for your kind words! I'm glad you dove in a took some dosha tests. Truth is, you will never get a consistent result with whatever quiz you take. Even visiting different ayurvedic doctors may give you different results! The reason may be that our bodies are in constant flux. You can see though that you are predominantly Vata, so why not try and see how you feel following a vata-pacifying diet. This generally means eating warm or hot foods, well-cooked and well-spiced, to keep your body warm, moist and soothed. Does this sound good to you? :-)

Olympia B said...

Thank you for the prompt reply! The hot and warm food sounds fantastic for my liking! :)


Anonymous said...

My results were V6, P12, K12. What does that mean for me?

Jordan said...

I Find it strange that I'm predominantly Pitta (P=15, V=8, K=8... I checked two types for some where I had a trait in the middle). Everything to do with my body type, attitudes, etc speak out pitta- but I have very weak digestion, low energy and poor hunger (all aspects of vatta). It seems physically I am pitta, but digestive I am vatta. Then what kind of foods should I eat?

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Hi Fran,

I just did the quiz & got V:11 P:11 & K:6.

I read in previous comments that those who are vatta dominant should eat warm foods, but I haven't seen anybody comment yet who was pitta dominant. Since I seem to be both vatta & pitta dominant, how would you suggest that I tailor my diet & activity?

Thanks in Advance,

Unknown said...

I have Vata-16 and Pitta=15, how do I use this?

Unknown said...

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