Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pitta lifestyle, Kapha diet

Continuing the issue of weight loss for specific doshas...

To recap, it is a Kapha way of eating that will help us Vatas and Pittas lose weight. But since Ayurveda is not exclusively about food, we need to address the other factors that will soothe or balance our doshas in a spiritual and mental way.

Today I will outline what Ayurveda prescribes to Pittas to create mental and emotional balance.


~ aromatheraphy using essential oils with sweet, cool aromas such as honeysuckle, mint, and jasmine

~ surround yourself with fresh, cool colours, especially indigo blue

~ listen to calming music like raga between the hours of 10 am and 1 pm

~ get lots of fresh air and spend time outdoors with nature

~ every morning before your shower, give yourself a 10-minute dry massage using a silk or cotton glove

~ meditate and/or do yoga stretches everyday before lunch

~ engage in non-competitive (that includes self-competitive!) activities or sports and refrain from criticism towards yourself or others

It's important to have a Pitta-pacifying lifestyle if you are a Pitta, especially if you are following a Kapha-pacifying diet for weight loss. This is because foods that lower Kapha tend to increase Pitta, and you want to avoid emotional agitation or exacerbate physical issues like heartburn. Pitta-balancing is all about keeping a cool head and engaging in satisfying habits that promote inner calm.


ama said...

Hello Claudia!
I don't know if you'll even see this comment, as it looks like you might not be on this blog much and this is a long ago post, but i'll try...

So... to clarify, are you suggesting a kapha-reducing AND pitta-reducing diet? I have a strong vata-pitta constitution (and gain weight I think because pitta becomes excessive, creating a very strong appetite.)
I haven't been able to lose weight previously (and feel always hungry!) and wonder if you would be willing to clarify the above. Thanks so much.
I LOVE your blog!!!

Claudia Davila (Fran) said...

Hello Ama,

Thank you so much for your comment and enthusiasm! I hope this response, and my blog in general, is helpful to you. To clarify the above, if you are vata-pitta and follow a kapha-pacifying diet, it might increase your vata and pitta (because kapha-pacifying foods are both drying and heating, and vata is already dry and pitta is already hot!). So follow a kapha-pacifying DIET, while complementing it with a pitta-pacifying LIFESTYLE. In other words, do things that cool and calm your body and mentality, while eating in a way that dries excess body fluids (including fat :-) and keeps your digestive fires going. If you're always hungry, you may need to eat more protein (think beans and legumes, or if you're not vegetarian, fish and poultry), and you can snack on kapha-friendly foods every 2 hours.

Best of luck! You can do it. :-)

Melissa Grillo said...

Hello Fran,

First of all I heart your blog! The recipes are fantastic. I'm a Pitta-Kapha that's carrying a lot of weight. I'm following the diet but because of the heat I tend to carry and 4 year breast cancer survivor I don't know what kind of cardio whould be the most caring to help let go of the weight.

Frannie said...

Hello Melissa!

Thanks for posting, and what wonderful news that you're cancer free for 4 years and counting. What a journey you must be on.

I share your weight issues, as I am also a Pitta-Kapha! Now that it's summer (are you in the northern hemisphere?) we can load up on raw fruits and vegetables, which supports weight loss. Snacks can be fruits, veggies, and a small amount of raw nuts and seeds. Make sure your meals have lots of veggies, some grains or starches, and a little low-fat protein.

As for exercise, it does not have to be high impact. More important is that you can do it everyday and weave it naturally into your lifestyle. For example, walking, biking, and best of all, dancing! These are all great for kapha.

Also please check out my post about the liver for pittas in relation to weight loss -- it might be helpful to you.

Wishing you all the best to you and your health!

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